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by Michael Lau


The birth of VOGUE Chair : CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR by Michael Lau

CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR by Michael Lau is made with recycled cartons of VOGUE Hong Kong x ELIX Water.

VOGUE x ELIX Water is a corporate social responsibility exercise conceptualized by VOGUE Hong Kong and ELIX water. The cartons of VOGUE water can be recycled and its raw materials, by a specific process, become a component of a hard "particle board" that can be made and molded into different furniture products.

Collaborated with Michael Lau, a renowned Hong Kong artist, also known as "Godfather of Designer Toy Figure", VOGUE water cartons have been turned into a fully fledged recyclable work of art.

The Concept of VOGUE Chair : CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR by Michael Lau

CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR is designed by Michael Lau for VOGUE Hong Kong and inspired by his notable figurine series ‘S.F.C.C.’ (Sci-fiction Crazychildren) where cardboard boxes are the main components of the series.

‘S.F.C.C.’ (Sci-fiction Crazychildren) (2003) series came about as an extension of Lau’s Crazychildren series. It is a story fantasized by Lau back in the late 90’s on an imaginary world where human beings rely on home delivery and can survive purely in the own space of their home. Cardboard boxes became the essential components of daily life. The main characters of the series, being courier, Lau had conceived their body structures to be made of cardboard boxes with tapes, stickers and airway bill details.

The CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR by Michael Lau was constructed from assembling hard particle boards made from recycled VOGUE water cartons and finished by acrylic tape to imitate the look and feel of a delivery cardboard box as inspired by Lau’s S.F.C.C. series.

About Michael Lau

Known as the "Godfather of the Designer Toys", Michael Lau Kin-man (b.1970) is an acclaimed Hong Kong artist born in the 1970s when the city was at the peak of industrialization and a world leader in toy manufacturing. Every toy was a rare treasure to young Michael and played a key role in his childhood. His growing passion for toys eventually led him to a career in toy design where he conceived as a form of art.

A graduate from the First Institute of Art and Design in Hong Kong in 1992, Michael held his first solo painting exhibition at the Pao Galleries of the HK Arts Centre in 1993. In 1999, Lau merged his creativity and passion in art, toy and action figure and created the "Gardener" series with 99 pieces of 12-inch action figures that juxtaposed his favorite G.I. Joe action figures and street culture for a solo exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. His unique artistic expression garnered global attention and brought him the opportunity to showcase his works in Japan, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei and Shanghai, London and Paris, leading the global trend of collectible designer toys as an independent artist.

While being recognized as the pioneer who launched the trend in the 90s as featured in the article "20 Trends Sweeping the Globe" by Forbes Magazine (January 2008), Michael has been committed to his contemporary art creation in recent years to actively promote his creative vision – "ll Art are Toys, All Toys are Art.".


CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR by Michael Lau是由 VOGUE x ELIX Water 的回收紙箱製成。

VOGUE x ELIX Water 是由VOGUE Hon冬g Kong 和ELIX water 共同構思的企業社會責任活動。 其包裝紙箱可以回收利用,經過特定工序,成為一種硬身的刨花板,用以製造和模塑成不同的家具產品。

VOGUE 椅子與香港著名藝術家、有Figure教父之稱號Michael Lau合作,將回收再造紙盒變成了一件環保藝術品。


由Michael Lau專為VOGUE Hong Kong 設計的CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR,靈感來自其著名的 "S.F.C.C." (科幻Crazychildren) Figure 系列,其中紙板箱是該系列的主要組成部分。

"S.F.C.C."(科幻Crazychildren)(2003)系列是Figure 教父Michael 的Crazychildren系列的延伸。這是他在90年代後期幻想的故事,人類完全依靠送貨上門的生活模式,可以純粹在自家的空間裡生存; 紙箱成為日常生活的重要組成部分。該系列主角的身體結構也由帶有膠帶、貼紙和航空運單細節的紙板箱製成。

CRAZYCHILDREN CHAIR by Michael Lau由組裝硬質刨花板製成,材製源自VOGUE x ELIX Water的回收紙盒,並用丙烯酸膠帶修飾,以模仿 "S.F.C.C." 系列中速遞紙箱人角色的外觀和感覺。

關於 Michael Lau

Michael Lau(劉建文)是香港著名藝術家,素有「Figure教父」的美譽。他出生於七十年代,當時正值香港進入工業化的火熱時期,其中玩具生產業在世界擔當着領導地位。玩具對於兒時的Michael來說猶如稀世珍寶,而玩具的形式一直深深影響著他的成長,並漸漸形成一股內在的激情,引導他走出日後藝術創作上的鮮明方向。

Michael Lau於1992年在香港大一藝術設計學院畢業,翌年在香港藝術中心包氏畫廊舉辦首次個人畫展,創作不斷的他在1999年迎來關鍵時刻,把平面創作上的想像力,與他喜愛的G.I. Joe動作人偶,以及日益普及的街頭文化結合,成功創作出命名為Gardener 「花園人」 的Figure形象,99個12吋人偶同時展出於香港藝術中心個展上。此展中他對figure創作的狂熱和成就引來了國際的注意,其人偶作品隨之巡回展出於日本多個城市,還有繼後的台北及上海當代藝術館、倫敦和巴黎的空間。從此Michael Lau聲名大噪,以獨立創作人身份帶出大眾收藏設計師玩具的全球性熱潮。

2008年一月份美國福布斯雜誌一篇名為「20 Trends Sweeping the Globe」文章,推舉Michael 為於90年代創立及帶領搪膠人形潮流之領軍人物。近年致力當代藝術創作的Michael ,積極透過其作品推廣其理念 -「所有藝術都是玩具,所有玩具都是藝術。」


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