Recyclable Plastic Packaging Mix


Recyclable Plastic Packaging Mix

by Induplast


Induplast was founded in 1958, thanks to an idea of Angelo Cortesi and Attilio Leidi, young entrepreneurs in the province of Bergamo, an area that has always been fertile ground for innovation and the Italian economy. Induplast is an international leader in the production of packaging for cosmetics and has been active in the manufacturing and distribution of bottles, jars for cream and airless containers, the company has evolved over time to establish itself nationally and internationally with highly customized packaging and plastic containers.

Induplast 於 1958 年成立,這要歸功於意大利貝加莫的兩位年輕企業家 Angelo Cortesi 和 Attilio Leidi的構想,貝加莫一直是意大利創新科技和經濟的沃土。Induplast 是化妝品包裝生產的國際領導者,一直活躍於瓶子、潤膚露和無氣容器的製造和分銷商,隨著時間的推移,該公司已壯大發展,憑藉其度身訂制的包裝和塑料容器產品,立足國內和國際市場。


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