Magis Sparkling Chair

THEME 01 | Go Green

Magis Sparkling Chair

by Marcel Wanders


Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presents The Sparkling Chair which is made out of PET and is produced by using the same blow-molding technique commonly used for bottles of water. After blow molding the legs and seat, the hollow space is filled with high pressure air which provide very strong structural support.

With this technique, the plastic usage is kept to minimum and the total weight of the chair is around 1kg only. Chair legs are screwed onto the shell, giving the perception of pure weightlessness.

荷蘭設計師 Marcel Wanders展出了由膠樽製成的Sparkling Chair,這件作品使用的技術與通常用於瓶裝水的吹塑技術相同。椅腳和座椅吹塑成型後,於中空的空間中注入高壓空氣,為椅子提供穏固的支撐。



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