3CSup Board

THEME 04 | Marine Eco-life

3CSup Board

by Carboni Morelli Consalvi NODE by Nerd Srl


3CSup is a unique generation of clear Stand Up Paddle boards. It connects sustainability with performance, which are super light and fit for any kind of cruise.

The 3CSup combines eco-friendliness with performance. It's a game changing board which are super light and ultra-clear, especially designed for Stand Up Paddling. The 3CSup combines technology with ecology, make use of recycled PET as an alternative to the mass production of inflatable and foam core Sup boards that currently infest the global market. 


3CSup 將環保與性能相結合,製成革命性輕巧的站立式划槳板。3CSup揉合了高科技設計及可持續概念,以回收PET膠替代目前遍布全球市場的充氣和泡沫芯直立板。


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