THEME 04 | Marine Eco-life


by Filippo Zonno


Sea plastic pollution represents one of the most urgent environmental crisis, due to the dangers it poses to humans and the marine environment, and the huge economic and social repercussions for coastal communities. Not only does recycled plastic offer a more sustainable solution, it's also a material that is often free at the source and can be produced in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures.

The idea from Filippo Zonno is to recover plastic waste from the sea or coastal areas, transform it into regenerated plastic pellets and then mold it into colored nautical buoys. It helps eliminate plastic waste from the sea and give it back to the sea with useful purpose.


Filippo Zonno 的想法是從海洋或沿海地區回收塑料垃圾,將其轉化為再生塑料顆粒,然後將之塑造成彩色的航海浮標。一方面可清除海洋中的塑料廢物,另一方面則可以製成有用的東西回饋海洋。


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