Substantial Chair


Substantial Chair

by Alexander Schul


This furniture line is made from sheets of recycled plastic (HIPS: high impact polystyrene). The form and structure of the furniture originate from the idea of combining efficient production methods, functionality and timeless elegance, with the formative possibilities that the material holds within itself. That means the objects are universal, practical and manufacturable on a large scale. Considering the fact that only around 40 percent of the plastic in Europe gets recycled, this design offers an opportunity to raise that percentage. Part of the problem could thus be transformed into added value.

此傢俱系列由再生塑料(HIPS:高抗衝聚苯乙烯)製成。傢俱的形狀和結構源於將高效的生產方法、功能性和永恆的優雅與材料本身的可塑性相結合而得出的點子。意味著這個產品可廣泛使用、實用,而且可作大規模生產。考慮到歐洲現時只有大約 40% 的塑料被回收重用,這個設計則可提高這一項比例。因此,部分的塑料廢物問題現可轉化為增值的物料或用品。


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