THEME 03 | Iconic Upcycled Artwork


by Aquafi


A revolutionary everyday chair line called the NOHO move™ chair, made from upcycled waste plastic.

NOHO is the first furniture brand in the world to use ECONYL® regenerated nylon in a chair. The NOHO move™ chair was created to transform traditional static nature of home furniture by integrating the dynamic ergonomic comfort of a premium office chair and sustainable design, to create durable chair that flexes and flows with any body .

革命性的日常座椅系列NOHO move™ 椅子由回收塑料的廢物製成的。

NOHO 是全世界第一個在椅子上使用 ECONYL® 再生尼龍的傢俱品牌。 noho move™ 椅子利用優質辦公椅「動態人體工程學」的舒適感和可持續的設計相結合,旨在改變家居傢俱的傳統靜態性質,並創造出一款耐用且跟隨身體的彎曲而流動。


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