Fornasettiana Remix

THEME 03 | Iconic Upcycled Artwork

Fornasettiana Remix

by Barnaba Fornasetti


Fornasettiana Remix was created by Barnaba Fornasetti for GuiltlessPlastic, turning rubbish into resources, instead of disposing it.

Barnaba Fornasetti always hold a critical position with regards to the use of plastic. He has been very sensitive to environmental issues and against the type of low cost, over-production that ends up dominating and taking over human lives & the environment.

Fornasettiana Remix 由Barnaba Fornasetti 為 GuiltlessPlastic 這項比賽而設計,將垃圾轉化為創作資源。

Barnaba Fornasetti 一直對塑料使用把持批判的目光,一直非常關注環保的議題,並一向反對主宰人類生活和環境的低成本、過量生產的生活模式。


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