Nicobar Lounge Chair

THEME 01 | Go Green

Nicobar Lounge Chair

by Pradyumna Rao


Nicobar Chair is an environmentally-conscious product that helps reduce the plastic waste in the sea. It represents the limitless applications of segregated plastic waste. Aesthetically inspired by the calm and stillness of water and the texture of sea rocks. The chair is hand-assembled and secured with eight bolts, which can be easily dismantled and flat packed. 

Nicobar Chair 是一件具高度環保意識的產品,希望有助宣傳及呼籲大家為減少海洋中的塑料垃圾出一分力。它代表了隔離塑料廢物的無限應用。美學靈感則來自平靜的水面和岩石的質感。椅子是手工組裝的,用八個螺栓固定,可以很輕易地拆卸和放平包裝。


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