Ocean Networks Low Tables

THEME 04 | Marine Eco-life

Ocean Networks Low Tables

by Alcarol


This project aims to address the issue of ghost nets. 640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned in our oceans every year, turning millions of sea creatures into victims. Fishing nets are made of nylon, a high performance plastic that can be recycled completely.

The tabletops are made of some coloured nets from the oceans, melted together with ECONYL®, the translucent regenerated nylon produced through an innovative and sustainable chemical process. ECONYL® nylon is no difference with the standard one coming from oil, except that it can be recycled, recreated and remoulded infinitely.

這個設計項目主要針對鬼網(漁網)的問題。每年有多達 64 萬噸漁網被丟棄在海洋,令數百萬的海洋生物成為受害者。漁網由尼龍製成,是一種高性能塑料,時至今日已經可以被完全回收及重用。

作品的桌面取自海洋的彩色漁網與 ECONYL® 融合而成,ECONYL® 是一種通過創新和可持續的化學工序生產而成的半透明再生尼龍。

使用 ECONYL® 尼龍的美妙之處在於質量方面與來自油的標準尼龍沒有區別,但其最大的分別在於它可以無限地回收、再造和重塑。


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