Lettino & Paravento
Lettino & Paravento

THEME 03 | Iconic Upcycled Artwork

Lettino & Paravento

by Massimiliano Locatelli


This wooden frame screen has been entirely produced out of scratch and represents the creativity process that grows in the mind of the designer. Taking inspiration from the frames artists use to protect and top off their artworks, this home decor element aims to enhance the playful gesture Massimiliano Locatelli kicks off with Autoproduzione.

此木框屏風從零開始由Massimiliano Locatelli製作,代表了設計師心中的創造力和思維過程。從藝術家用來保護和鋪在藝術品上面的框架汲取靈感,這種家居裝飾元素充份體現 Massimiliano Locatelli 與Autoproduzione合作而擦出的創作火花,盡顥其俏皮的一面。


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