QTZ Chair

THEME 03 | Iconic Upcycled Artwork

QTZ Chair

by Alexander Lotersztain


Made of recycled plastic, the inspiration behind the QTZ collection comes from naturally occurring geometric forms of quartz. The limited edition collection reflects the prismatic beauty and semi-precious qualities of minerals. This concept was born from Alexander Lotersztain’s passion for materials, technologies and craftsmanship. It serves as an experiment to study the boundaries of aesthetics and functional innovation.

QTZ 系列由再生塑料製成,靈感來自石英的天然幾何形狀,體現了礦物的棱鏡之美和半寶石品質。這個概念源於 Alexander Lotersztain 對物料、技術和工藝的熱情。此作品是其研究美學和創新功能這些領域的實驗。


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