WE RECYCLE! Mirror & Sink

THEME 03 | Iconic Upcycled Artwork

WE RECYCLE! Mirror & Sink



In order to increase the awareness of recycling and reusing plastic waste, teacher of a nursery kindergarten D. Boldrino came up with an idea of making new wash basin out of plastic bottle caps.

Collaborated with ECOPIXEL, teacher D. Boldrino submitted some prototypes and drawings that they made with the kids, they are now using new wash basins with the plastic waste collected by the kids at the nursery.

The RO Guiltless Plastic Prize allows them to share their experience in this project with the hope of inspiring others to recycle in Italy and beyond.

為了提高大眾對循環再用和重用塑料廢物的意識,幼稚園老師 D. Boldrino 想出了回收用過的塑料瓶蓋,製造成全新洗手盆的想法。

與 ECOPIXEL 合作,D. Boldrino 老師提交了一些他們與孩子們一起製作的圖紙和原型,幼稚園現已使用這些由孩子們收集塑料垃圾,經ECOPIXEL生產而成的全新洗手盆和鏡子。

RO Guiltless Plastic Prize 提供了一個平台,讓他們分享在這個項目中的經驗,希望能藉此啟發意大利及其他地方的大眾進行廢物利用和回收。


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