Wasting Time Daybed

THEME 03 | Iconic Upcycled Artwork

Wasting Time Daybed

by Patricia Urquiola


Patricia Urquiola, in collaboration with Moroso and MiniWiz, presents Wasting Time Daybed, an ironic and playful modern day bed that recalls the soul of a sneaker, entirely composed of recycled materials. The base of the day bed is just like a shoe sole. The body, the back-rest and base reinforcements are re-dressed with blue and light gray fabrics, both made from two different yarns 100% post-consumer recycled pet drinking bottles, while the dense inner body of the seating is sourced from recycled padding from discarded production. The different parts of the daybed can be easily dismantled by "green" double zip and velcro tapes.

Waste is not trash but a precious resource: this is just the starting point for collaboration; it’s an opportunity rather than a challenge.

Patricia Urquiola 與 Moroso 和 MiniWiz 合作推出了「耍廢梳化床」,這款現代沙發床具有諷刺意味和俏皮感,讓人想起運動鞋的靈魂,並完全由回收材料製成。沙發床的底座就像鞋墊。主體、靠背和底座的加強組件採用了藍色和淺灰色布料重新裝飾,布料的兩種紗線均由用舊而被丟棄的膠樽回收後製成,而座椅的內部主體則來自廢棄物料填充而成。利用不同部位的環保雙拉鍊和魔術貼連接起來,這張沙發床可輕易拆卸和組裝。



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