Flip Flop Vase

THEME 03 | Iconic Upcycled Artwork

Flip Flop Vase

by Diederik Schneemann


"Flip Flop Story" is a collection of sustainable objects made from waste, designed by Diederik Schneemann.

All over the world, people wear and toss away flip flops, they end up in sewers and ocean. Diederik Schneemann captures these eventful travel tales, and give the discarded flip flops a new purpose. The designer collaborates with Ocean Sole Afrika, a social enterprise based in Nairobi. Through the collection of discarded flip-flops and direct employment, they provide steady income to nearly 100 low-income Kenyans.

「人字拖的故事」是一個廢物再用的可持續系列,由Diederik Schneemann 所設計。

人字拖在世界各地盛行,但被扔掉的人字拖最終命運都是流入下水道和海洋。 Diederik Schneemann 搜集了這些塑料周遊列國的故事,賦予廢棄的人字拖新生命。設計師與位於內羅比的社會企業 Ocean Sole Afrika 合作,通過收集丟棄的人字拖製造就業機會,為接近100名低收入的肯尼亞人提供了穩定的收入。


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