Green Dining Chair

THEME 01 | Go Green

Green Dining Chair

by BlueCycle


Determined to promote the new circular economy, BlueCycle is a social enterprise that reuses marine plastic waste to create new, high-quality materials suitable for industrial reprocessing.

BlueCycle proposes a holistic approach to tackle the problem of marine plastic pollution and implements a pioneering European-wide circular economy programme. BlueCycle collects waste from all over the Greece, processes them, and creates sustainable raw materials for the plastics industry and sustainable products.


BlueCycle 主張以全方位的角度解決海洋塑料污染的問題,在歐洲內實施了開創性的循環經濟計劃。 BlueCycle 從希臘各地收集材料、加工、並創造出塑料工業可利用的原材料及後續的可持續產品。


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