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Go on a self-guided tour and be inspired by the sustainable and innovative art and design pieces.



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  • 01 Start

    In celebration of its 45th anniversary, Henderson Land is collaborating with Rossana Orlandi, an international icon of design and founder of the project RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC, for her first in Asia exhibition - “Henderson Land x Rossana Orlandi: Waste is Value Art & Design Exhibition”. Together, we wish to pass on a heritage of sustainability and innovation to the future generation.


    為慶祝恒基成立四十五週年,恒基邀請了可持續設計 的國際殿堂級設計師Rossana Orlandi ,攜手策劃《恒 基 X Rossana Orlandi「廢物有價」藝術設計展》。 Rossana亦是「Ro 塑膠無罪」企劃的創辦人。我們希望 透過這次展覽,將可持續發展的創新意念傳承下去。

  • 02 Go Green

    Check-out one of the inspiring art and design pieces in green, in resonance with the green lifestyle and the Henderson green: “Business Wo/Men” by Scart, Art Project Gruppo Hera - One of the 14 life-size statues of the “Business Wo/men'' installation collection, made with waste collected in waste treatment plants.

    02 走向綠色

    「Business Wo/Men」是「走向綠色」主題的作品之一, 向綠色生活及恒基的品牌綠色致敬。原作由Scart(Art Project Gruppo Hera)設計,總共有十四個人體模型, 名為「Business Wo / men」,描繪了男女商人的形態。 作品是由意大利一間廢物處理廠收集而成的工業加工 廢料製作而成。

  • 03 Ro Plastic Prize

    Think differently on plastic usage - award-winning pieces of the Ro Plastic Prize, a prize open to creatives from all countries under the theme of plastic recycling. Introducing to you one of the award-winning pieces - “Charlie Chair” by ecobirdy - a comforatble and safe chair for the little ones. The chair is made of recycled pieces of plastic toys.

    03「Ro 塑膠無罪」得獎作品

    塑膠產品注定用完即棄?「Ro 塑膠無罪」年度獎項旨在 鼓勵世界各地設計團體,將塑膠廢物轉化為藝術及設 計品。得獎作品之一「Charlie Chair」由ecoBirdy設計, 以回收的塑料玩具製成,對小孩子來說既舒適又安全。

  • 04 Iconic Upcycled Artwork

    Another theme of the art and design pieces is the iconic upcycled artwork. Milano designer Barnaba Fornasetti’s art piece, “Fornasettiana Remix”, is one of the most iconic pieces. Barnaba is always critical with regards to the use of plastic, which coincides with Rossana’s belief of “waste is value”, thus curating this beautiful folding screen.


    另一個作品主題是具有代表性的「Re-waste」藝術及設 計作品系列,米蘭設計師Barnaba Fornasetti 的作品 「Fornasettiana Remix」 就是最具標誌性的作品之一。 Barnaba 一直批評過多使用塑膠材料,與Rossana 「廢 物有價」的理念不謀而合,亦因此製作出這幅美輪美奐 的折疊屏風。

  • 05 Marine Eco-life

    Rossana has also curated artwork to raise awareness for Hong Kong’s diverse marine life. “Recycled Bottles and Plastic Fishes” by Arsenio - Spanish artist Arsenio Rodriguez has been involved in recycling art projects for more than 20 years. He collected the plastics that were washed ashore in Spain and made use of them in his art piece.

    05 海洋保育

    Rossana特別為香港策劃了「海洋保育」的作品主題,向 香港美麗的海岸線致敬。這幅標誌性作品由Arsenio Rodriguez創作,Arsenio參與廢物回收藝術創作逾20 年,這次的作品所用到的膠樽,均從西班牙海岸收集。

  • 06 The “Waste is Value” Dialogue

    Rossana has a few words to say to our Hong Kong audience, about the creative concept behind the exhibition. Enjoy the video on-site!

    06 「廢物有價」全方位對話

    Rossana希望與各位香港觀眾打個招呼,觀看現場短片 ,了解更多展覽的靈感來源。


    “Waste isn't waste until we waste it. Do something green today.” Share your experience here at the exhibition on social media, and spread the sustainable energy to your loved ones.

    07 結語

    「廢物直至被丟棄之前都不是廢物。每天都試試做一件 環保的事吧!」歡迎各位將今次體驗分享到社交媒體, 鼓勵身邊朋友多多支持可持續發展。