45 Art

45 Art Pieces from Italy and Europe

First time in Asia, the exhibition will showcase 45 Art or Design items curated by Rosaana Orlandi to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Henderson Land.

‘45’ is an emotional number for Henderson Land, the exhibition aims to deliver an inspirational and emotionally touching installation with a core message of ‘Waste is Value’, Recycled is Positive.

The exhibits will cover 4 different themes:

45 件來自意大利和歐洲的藝術品

今次由 Rosaana Orlandi 策劃的 45 件藝術或設計的展覽品均首次在亞洲展出,以慶祝 恒基集團成立 45 週年。

45是恒基一個充滿感情的數字,展覽旨在提供一個 啟發人心和感人的藝術平台,而核心訊息是「廢物有價」,回收也可帶來正面的價值 。.

展品將涵蓋 4個不同的主題:

01 Go Green

Theme 01

Go Green

‘Green is not only a color. It is a mindset, ‘art de vivre’.



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04 Marine Eco-life

Theme 04

Marine Eco-life

Specially curated to echo Hong Kong’s harbor marine life.



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